15 June 2011

Another Shimelle Wednesday ...

Gosh is it Wednesday again??  Is it just me or are these days seeming to flash past faster each week?

Time yet again for some Shimelle inspiration.  Loved her sketch and sample page this week.

My take on this ...

You might have noticed that I have been doing digital layouts for Shimelle's sketches.  I do about 60/40 paper to digital these days.  I love playing with paper and if I have time to dwell on a layout or want some creative therapy it is my medium of choice.  Palying with paper is a must do at crops and retreats but I do love digi though - adore the crisp look of the pages and the ease in which layouts come together.  I think if I was to start over with scrapbooking now and had both options fully explained to me from the onset I would have made a conscious choice to go totally digi but I haven't, didn't and wasn't and now with a small shop of supplies (or so it seems) in my craft room, fully converting really isn't an option.  Still I do a fair bit of this style and Shimelle's sketches seem to fit the profile.

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