09 June 2011

What I'm reading ...

I picked up this book at an op shop a few weeks ago.  I have an hour or so to wait while ds is at afterschool tutoring and my normal procedure is to either go for a walk or if the weather is unpleasant to read in the car (usually with aid of hot coffee).  This particular day I had forgotten my current book in my rush out the door and was on the lookout for a cheap substitute when I stumbled across it.  I'd heard of Anne McCaffrey in fact I'm sure I read one of her Pern series many years ago but had not sort her work out.  Well all that changed within the first chapter of  "Freedon's Landing".  What a great story - easy to read, funny in parts with the added bonus of my own personal rating system - a desire by the reader (namely ME) not to put it down, to read well into the night and in fact rush off the the local library the very next day to borrow the second in the series.

I might add - I am now into the fourth and final book in the series and have loved them all.  Seems I've found a new author, well not so new, Anne is well into her 80's and has been writing much of her adult life, which for me is a wonderful blessing as I have dozens upon dozens of her science fiction works to discover. I just hope they are all as good as this set has been. 

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