18 June 2011

Computer time ...

It's Saturday morning and everyone in this household is on a computer - yes we have four (well actually that isn't quite true - we have six.  One is on it's last legs, keeps overheating and takes forever to start up so I don't really count that one and the other is old - not fast, very clunky and really should not be here, just waiting for a local technology drop off day so we can donate!).

ds is up very early and straight on line with his friends playing Rowblocks or some such online game, dd is watching downloaded TV and playing with her study assignments, dh is "busy" trying to finish level 60 (its SO hard!!) on Zuma Deluxe and I'm updated my blog.  What we should all be doing is enjoying fresh air and sunshine outside since we haven't seen much of it these past days .... but we aren't .... maybe after lunch .... perhaps.

Here are my adorable offspring - different rooms, different ages but little carbon copies of each other - even down to still in pj's at 10.30am.

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