18 July 2011


Day 1

Today I commenced the official EXPLORE class with Shimelle.  I've been eagerly awaiting this workshop for whats seems like months.  Initially I wasn't sure what I was signing up for and to be honest even now on Day 1 I really have no idea what lies in store for us.  Shimelle is like that - her classes are inspiring yet slightly eclectic and just when you think you have it all covered - whoosh,  you are spirited away on another tangent. Guess she likes to keep her students on their toes and I love her for it.

As she says ...
Over the next four weeks, we’ll set out on a personal adventure, exploring the world around us
and taking note of those surroundings in a new way. It’s about seeing those little details in a new light, changing some definitions and giving new things a try.

Our first port of call on our Explore journey was to make our little playbooks if this was the route we each intended to take rather than just blog our journey (obviously I am doing both).  Her own one is really cute but at 4x6 I wasn't sure whether it would be sufficiently large enough for all I know will be packed into it along our 4 week journey.  I ummed and ahhed for a while - checked out a lot of blogs of fellow classmates to get a feel for what everyone else was doing.  Dithered over 8x8 and 6x6, checked out supplies - lamented over not buying a blasted SMASH book when I had the chance as this would be the perfect vehicle for this project (and of course you cannot get these anywhere for love nor money) and eventually came right back to where I started and put together a 6x4 using bits and pieces I have in my scrap basket.  I also decided to call my little book "Explore Life" as I think this it what we will be doing along our way.

Next step was to take a self portrait (holding camera) for first page.  WHAT!!! A self portrait - what are you thinking Shimelle?  I don't do self portraits - I could nearly feel the wave of angst washing across the miles as the same cry went out around the globe.

Oh OK Shimelle if I must ...


Rach H said...

Love the sassafrass alpha and the stamps!!!

The self portrait is really neat- glad you did it!

Lisa-Jane said...

Liking that quirky angle! Your books is great too, love the idea of using stamps, that's really cool.

Mandy McK (Moogieof4) said...

I have read through your Blog (backwards!) and enjoyed seeing your Explore posts. It's been a thought provoking class so far hasn't it?
Mandy McK (Moogieof4)