05 July 2011

From Screen 2 Scrap - July

The latest movie poster is up over on  From Screen 2 Scrap.   This a very much a blast from the past - a classic movie called "All About Eve" starring Marilyn Munroe.

Entering the challenge each month is always easy - just do a layout based on the movie poster presented and for extra bonus points include the monthly criteria.  This time it is:-
Use 4 x colorful Arrows = 1 pt

Use Hearts = 2 pts

Use 1/2 or 1/4 of a face from a photo = 3 pts

This is my take on the challenge.

You may well be wondering how a poster on All about Eve could inspire a layout on antiquated music memorabilia.

I had a discussion recently with an older friend of mine who was bemoaning the fact that her 3 year old granddaughter quite regularly showed her up in the technology arena. This led to us reminiscing about life when technology was a tad simpler and listening to music was as easy as merely pressing a button - naturally that got me to thinking about how much things have changed in the music delivery department over my lifetime! I have my four arrows, hearts and a delightful (not!) half face – now how flattering is that lol. So All about Eve is really all about music .... and me!.

So head on over to From Screen 2 Scrap and pit your entry in - wonderful random drawn prizes are up for grabs every month - you just need to be in it and you could win it!!

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