19 July 2011


Day 2

Shimelle asks ... Do you consider yourself an adventurous person?
What does the word adventure mean to you? Is it something physically challenging? Lacking
modern conveniences? Something new? Something brave? There are so many different things this single word could define, but for our class the only definition that matters is the one you choose yourself.

1. Willing to take risks or to try out new methods, ideas, or experiences.
2. Involving new ideas or methods.

I think Life itself is an adventure.  Everyday brings forth challenges and complexities. From driving in the torrential rain (as it has been here today) to trying a new recipe for dinner.  From attended a parent/teacher interview to book club at your local library.  Watching the sun set and marvelling at the brilliant rays of golden light to gazing at the glass like surface of the bay on a perfect day - every minute of everyday is an adventure and just being here and breathing in every precious moment of it is being adventurous.

Before I had the responsibilities of marriage and children I lived at being adventurous.  I traveled overseas extensively - mostly on my own.  I didn't abseil down mountains or jump out of airplanes but I did my fair share of down hill skiing, white water rafting and  eating of strange alien foodstuffs.  Life was more of an "adventurous" adventure then.  When we were first married dh and I went around the world which added to the total of my "countries visited" list - now numbered at 24.  We have built two houses from scratch and near raised one child and part raised another.  Now the everyday is adventure enough!

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Mandy McK (Moogieof4) said...

Visited 24 countries including a round the world trip...wow. I'm a bit of an 'itchy feet' kinda girl but my biggest adventure is living with 4 teenagers in the house. You're so right about the everyday adventure of life :)
See you next week in class,
Mandy McK (Moogieof4)