20 July 2011


Day 3

Isn’t it funny you never notice a particular make of car until you buy one yourself and then suddenly they are everywhere, parked at every curb, in every driving lane, passing you by in heavy traffic! 

I was in Spotlight (haberdashery store here in Australia) and on my way in the door I spotted their weekly advertising flyer in the rack near the entrance.  I walked past then did a double take and backtracked to grab one of these ….

Proceeded down to the craft section and noticed they had 50% off some Kaisercraft papers and this ….

was in the sale bin.

Went home and opened up my miscellaneous odds and ends draw in my computer desk  in the study and this ….

was the sitting quietly on the very top of the pile.

Why the significance you ask?  Well we are talking about maps today in class with Shimelle and it seems that providence might be giving me a little nudge in the right direction. 

Ready to go on a scavenger hunt?  Whether you physically travel a great deal or not, maps are symbolic of a journey, so we’re going to work with map imagery and you can decide whether it’s a literal theme for you or something a bit more metaphorical.

Tasks for today were to use scraps of map in our playbook and the making of circle embellishments.

This ….

is what I came up with.

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