11 August 2011

10 things ...

10 good things in no particular order ...

10.  I stuck my name down on the reservation list at my local library as soon as this little beauty showed on their online catalogue as “awaiting administration” which is library speak for “it’s on order and when it’s released we’ll get it OK?” I’m at Number 1 …. Yes!!!

9.  The wattle is out everywhere. It’s so beautiful, such a rich golden colour but I feel for all those people with allergies. This time of year can be hard on the sinuses.

8.  The squares I am knitting for a throw rug are coming along nicely. Winter is a great time to knit and I enjoy spending an hour or so each night making some progress on this while watching a bit of  TV.

7.  Winter sales are on everywhere – seems every store I walk past has 40 … 50 even 60% off right now. There’s even been opportunity to grab some summer bargains from sale stock of leftover from earlier this year. After all a plain tee is a plain tee and who doesn’t want to pay $5 instead of $29.95.

6.  Really good time of year to catch up with friends for a coffee or two. Even taking the daughter out to lunch has its appeal.

5.  It is getting lighter every day. I was trying to read in the semi dark while waiting for ds at swimming squad training now it is still light when we finish up at 5.30pm. Been thinking it won’t be long and maybe I’ll start going for a walk rather than read.

4.  The dh finally bought himself new bike shoes and a new road bike – after 35 years!!! I’ve been talking myself blue for years about upgrading and now he has finally done it.

3.  Those driving hours dd needs (120 of them) are slowly adding up – need to update her driving log but I estimate she is close to 100 now and with luck she should have her provisional license by year end. Then I go grey that little bit faster.

2.  These cooler nights make sleeping a pleasant experience. There is nothing quite like snuggling down under the covers for a good sleep.   I need to remember to turn off the electric blanket as soon as I jump out of bed in the morning though - otherwise certain feline family members like to take advantage.

1.  Driving past here every weekday morning (twice) and every weekday afternoon (twice) is a privilege I don't recognise nor acknowledge enough.


Queenie said...

Great list and pics.Congrats at being number 1 on the list,lol.
Look forward to seeing your finished rug.
Thanks for sharing.

Connie said...

enjoyed my visit~ great pic's!!!

Miriam said...

I really like this list! thanks for sharing x