03 August 2011

EXPLORE - Day 13

Today, in our week of colour exploration, is about putting our scraps of patterned paper to good use by creating colour combinations with them.

I already do this.  I'm one of those people who like to use as much of my patterned paper as I possible can.  I tend to choose my scraps by either the colour method where I pull out a main piece of paper(usually one with a multicoloured pattern) and then gather co-ordinating pieces to go with it.  I then set these aside in a page protector ready to add a photo at some point.

My other method is to choose papers to match a particular picture I intend to use.  Here I look for papers with colours already present in the picture I am using, paying particular attention to the mood I wish to create within the layout.  For example these pictures from Pinterest show how you can pull out colours from a picture to best effect.

These would create a layout of tranquility and calm.

This picture says happy and bright so the colours pulled from it reflect that positive feeling.

There is no denying this colour palette says cold and remote.

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