01 August 2011

80's August - Day 1 ...

The breakfast show on my awarding winning radio station (2GO) is currently celebrating 80’s August.  They are looking at all things relevant to this illustrious decade – the TV shows we were watching, the fashion we were wearing, the advertisements we were bombarded with, as well as the music we were listening to.  The music isn’t just coming from the stations music archives, oh no!  I’m sure some of it has been dug out from the dim dark recesses of the back room in the studio, gleaned from the bottom draws of desks, hunted out from cardboard boxes stacked in garages and pulled (along with assorted underwear, mouldy oranges and dust bunnies) from beneath spare beds in back bedrooms.

One segment of the show each morning is to pit one “memorable” song against another (and believe me these songs are “memorable” for all the wrong reasons!!)
in an all out musical voting frenzy – the prize for victory is the winning song to be played in full.

So I thought I would give you all a little trip down memory lane so we can all collectively bask in 1980’s glory.  Some of this will be uniquely Australian but a lot will translate across the globe.

Day 1

Song A  Wa Wa Nee - Stimulation

Wa Wa Nee was an Australian funk/pop band, active from approximately 1985 to 1989. Led by the songwriting team of Paul Gray and Steve Williams, the band signed with CBS Records in 1985. Wa Wa Nee had four singles in the Australian top 40 from their debut album release of the same name and had limited success in the US charts. 

Song B  Toni Childs – Don’t walk away

Toni Childs (born October 29, 1957) is an American singer songwriter. She has released four studio albums and is best known for her songs "Don't Walk Away", "I've Got To Go Now", a Top 5 hit in Australia in 1991, and the Emmy-winning "Because You're Beautiful" (released as a single in 2004, and featured on her 2008 album Keep The Faith). 

And the winner is …….

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