10 August 2011

EXPLORE - Day 17

Shimelle's prompt for today included three different ways to write about our progress with our week-long goal - three very different options depending on what type of journey each of us is taking with our chosen goal.

#  Use a personal mission statement, manifesto or motto.  State what you are going to do and why.

#  Write about the past (in past tense) but allow yourself to look forward as well.  Say why you have not been able to complete your goal in the past but also propose why you intend to do so now.

#  Use the calendar to track your progress.  Write down on your calendar, diary or daily planner what you have achieved each day towards your ultimate goal.

I prefer the calendar method.  I don't always work to this but when I do have a lot on my plate I write it down on a monthly printout sheet my end goal with expectations of where I will be at certain points - it helps me stay focused.

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