17 August 2011

80’s August - Day 11

The nominees are:- 

Song A –  Swanee – If I were a carpenter

John Swan, better known as Swanee, is an Australian rock singer. He is the older brother of rock singer Jimmy Barnes and the uncle of singer and stage performer David Campbell. He emigrated to Australia with his family in 1961. When his mother remarried in the mid-60s, he was the only child to keep his natural father's surname. While his music career has never reached the heights of that of his more famous younger brother, Swan is well known and respected in his own right.

Song B –  The Weather Girls – It’s raining menn

The Weather Girls are an American girl group that formed in 1977 with Marsha Wash and Izora Armstead and became best known for their single It’s raining men, released in 1982 which went on to sell 6 million copies worldwide.

And the winner is 

Song B –  The Weather Girls – It’s raining men

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