10 September 2010

And the same again ...

Day 10 - The Australian Springtime Flora Festival is NSW's premier gardening event, with over 300 exhibits of all things gardening, home and outdoor living. The event is held at Mt Penang Parklands, literally a 5 minute drive from where we live and annually attracts some 50,000 visitors.  This year marked the 24th show - and I have missed only one - the year of Christopher's birth.
One thing more dependable than the annual festival is the annual advent of rain at some stage over the four days.  In it's 24 year history I can recall only two years of a complete rain free event with most years experiencing at least one day of rain and some years being a total wash out.  Of course if it isn't raining full pelt it is usually blowing a gale.  This year of course was no different, rain and strong winds on Thursday and Friday afternoons. 

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