01 September 2010

Green and Gold ...

It's National Wattle Day here in Australia.  At the beginning of last century this was a day to demonstrate patriotism for the new nation of Australia by wearing a sprig of wattle. Today we tend to see it as a day to celebrate our natural environment - the rainforests, bushlands, deserts and coastal flora.  Seeing the beautiful display of golden bloom each year should encourage us to preserve our fragile environment, so that future generations will be bale to enjoy the spectacle as we, and the generations before us, have been able to do.

Wattle is part of Australia - we wear our national colours proudly - Go the green and gold.

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Laura said...

I have tried to take photos of them... but I just don't seem to be able to make it happen. It is driving me nuts. I think I do something wrong with the exposure. sigh. Your photo is beautiful!