30 September 2010

Movie madness ...

Day 30 -  I learnt several things today.  One - that taking Christopher to the movies is still an enjoyable past-time, even when I have to bring one of his friends along.  Two - that the animated G and PG movies are often better than the adult offerings and while once around with an adult focused film is usually more than enough, many of the animated ones you can watch over and over and never tire of them and Three - the cost of going to a major cinema chain is getting way out of hand.  $13 for a child and $17.95 for an adult ticket is just ridiculous.  From now on I'm heading to the independent cinema complex where you can still get tickets for $10 !!

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Kathie said...

Oh Jane how we loved this movie!! It was fantastic and we all enjoyed it....but I'm hearing you on the cost....Taking 3 adults (1 senior, 1 student) 3 big kids and 1 little kid cost me more than $80.00 that is just daylight robbery!!! :O no wonder people buy dvd's instead!! But it was a movie worth watching and I think I'll actually have to buy that one!!
Love Kathie