24 September 2010

End of school ...

Day 24 -  After thirteen years of schooling today was Rachel's final official day at school.  Much of her year spent yesterday afternoon readying the school campus for the unofficial end of school "muck up" day where the Year 12 takes over for an hour or two and lets their hair down with some antics - in their case some balloon filled offices, water bombs and over 5 kilometers of rope, criss-crossing the quadrangle, threading up stairwells and effectively cordoning off access to much of the campus - all with permission from the principal.  I waved her off this morning with a tinge of sadness, remembering all those years ago my own muck up day.  I didn't fully appreciate it then, nor does my daughter fully realise it now, but those carefree days of school were very special and will never come again.  Life is about to get much more complicated.

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