27 September 2010

Just right ...

Day 27 -  I took Rachel formal dress shopping today to the last shop on the Central Coast we had yet to visit.  If we didn't find something here it was going to mean a trip to Newcastle or to Sydney which I wasn't looking forward to and it would have meant the loss of valuable HSC study time for her.  So we headed to Toukley, not overly optimistic but with fingers crossed.  We tried on a number of possible dresses - none suitable until we came to this one.  I knew the moment she put it on that it was a winner.  All along she had been saying she wanted green and many of the dresses we had tried on were very gappy in the front which was a worry to her or were way too long even when wearing high heels so would have required alteration - this one was good, only a small tuck needed across the bodice which I could easily do myself.  (Only one other dress had ticked all the little boxes and would have been beautiful except for the $480 price tag which I just couldn't justify for a once only wear).  THEN I looked at the price tag to see if this one was within my price range and felt my heart race - was $330 down to $49 as it was last years stock.  I made an executive decision and we bought it and it will be just fine !!!

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