28 September 2010

Scrapping the boys ...

It's no secret that I love participating in challenges and I particularly like the ones on Scrap the Boys - not just because I have a boy myself but because they always come up with some interesting and varied challenges which make me think a bit.  This month was no different.

The first challenge was to create a layout about our boys nickname.  Great, I thought.  I've been wanting to do this page forever and I've had the appropriate letters in my stash for almost as long :).  Obviously with  "Christopher James" as a name it was a given that my son would get "CJ" as a nickname.

As Father's Day falls in September there was a bonus challenge this month to scrap a layout about our boys and their special relationships with their Dad’s.  I kept this one simple, highlighting the fact that while Christopher and his Dad are father and son they are also great mates.

The last challenge was to add a touch of 'industrial grunge' to a layout by using metal.  This one I found difficult as I am not a lover of metal at all and have very little of it in my stash.  Eventually I discovered in the deep dark recesses of the bottom draw, a small packet of bottle caps and decided these would have to suffice!


Ebony van der Starre said...

Thanks for joining in on our challenge!! I love the title and the colors!

Alannah said...

great pages...loving the expression on your son's face. love the style of your work. smiles