06 September 2010

A stressful time ...

Day 6 - I looked at the pile of books scattered all over my daughter's bedroom and it took me back many years to when I had similar piles of books scattered all over my own teenage bedroom.  The rooms may be different and while one has a computer with immediate access to the world with a simple Google search and downloaded music playing on an Ipod, and the other holds piles of encyclopedia volumes marked to specific sections and cassette's stacked neatly beside a player, they are still very much the same.  I remember so vividly what it was like to study for that final 'be all and end all' examination at the end of 13 solid years of schooling and the realisation that the fun days of my education were about to end, the friendships gained over many years would be tested and the future, whatever it held, was but a whisper away.

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