27 October 2010

Letters and Numbers ...

Prompt two is all about using numbers and/or letters as a starting point.  Use the alphabet to direct your thoughts, use numbers to describe one day, one event, use the initials of those in a picture to describe the people.

7 and 3 have featured heavily in the many and varied places I have lived in my lifetime – in fact only one property I have resided in does not relate to either number and probably if I put my mind to it and think very hard I’ll come up with some manner of connection.
The very first place I lived – the home my parents took me after my birth did not have a house number nor in fact did it have a street address – it was a rural property on the outskirts of a farming community. It’s name “Thyruna”, however had seven letters.

Then came a succession of 3 and 7 numbers.

3 Palmer, 13 Warne, * The one that doesn’t fit, 7 Nancarrow, Unit 3/7 Kable, Unit 3/33 Macquarie,
Unit 7/135 North, Unit 34/1-5 Taranto, 71 Langford,
13 Whitehead.

Thank goodness 7 and 3 are considered special numbers in Chinese mythology. 7 means “togetherness” while 3 has a similar sound to the Chinese character for “birth” and is thought of as being a lucky number.

So where am I living at the present time? Have the 3 and 7 phenomena followed me to this current home?

You betcha – this one is Number 37 !!

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Sarah C said...

This is a brilliant take on the prompt. I never thought to look at it like that. I have 3 numbers that feature a lot in my life and you've given me an idea for a LO. Thank you x