29 October 2010

Writing letters ...

Prompt four is all about different ways of writing letters. Write a letter to your younger self, write to a loved one about a special memory, take the funny approach and write a short message to an object.

Dear Head of HAIR,

I know I haven’t treated you over the years with the full level of respect you deserve. I’ve cut you, I’ve teased you, I’ve doused you in chemical concoctions, I’ve singed you, I’ve pulled you, I’ve even tied you up in knots.

I thought we’d gotten through all that. I thought you’d accepted it was merely part of the process and moved on. I was mistaken wasn’t I HAIR? You’ve secretly harboured grudges – you’ve been biding your time, waiting for the opportune moment to unleash your revenge, haven’t you HAIR?

Well HAIR I have to say your present approach will only result in an increased level of my obviously unwanted attentions towards you and a more stringent and regular application of corrosive materials.

In short HAIR – turning grey and falling out is not an appropriate course of action for either of us – please stop.

Your frustrated owner


Sarah C said...

This is brilliant. Sorry it's not behaving itself now, but it's made for a great letter x

Cheryl McCain - aka Digi Designs by Cheryl said...

What a creative letter you've written! I'm catching up and have that prompt yet to do.
Love yours!

Kathie said...

that is sooooooooooooo funny....I needed a good laugh and that story I can relate to and found it extremely funny..thanks Jane!!
Love Kathie