31 October 2010

Slow and steady ...

I've done a few other layouts these past weeks, grabbing an hour here and there to scrap.  One of the things I find useful is to leave my "work in progress" layout out on my desk, as I go past and glance at it I often know that something else is required in a certain place or I need to move a picture or embellishment to another location.  I've long since learnt not to get frustrated with only having small snippets of scrapping time - it happens this way sometimes - now I just go with the flow and let it work for me in a positive way.

Here's just a couple more.  I actually did 16 layouts this month which totally stunned me when I counted them up.  I didn't attend any scrap days or closet myself away for hours on end.  Guess slow and steady really does win the race.

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