23 October 2010

Movie motivation ...

The sister site of  ARTastic is From Screen to Scrap and while Artastic concentrates on inspiration from painting, FS2S uses movie posters to tantalise our collective "scrapbuds".  You are never quite sure what will be around the next monthly corner having gone from Invasion of the Body Snatchers in September to My Fair Lady in October - from ridiculous to the sublime !!!

But honestly who doesn't like My Fair Lady - an absolute classic. 

Again we have some bonus point for using shades of pink, a blue tile and a handmade hat.  I'm not much for paper piecing, I will admit, so decided that rather than make a mess of doing this I would just concentrate on the actual layout and found this wonderful photograph of my Mother resplendent in Sunday best complete with hat.  To coin a phrase "isn't she luverly??".  The poster had a certain shabby chic appeal about it with lashings of both pink and black which I tried to capture in my layout. 

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