27 October 2010

Weather patterns ...

I've been thinking about the weather a lot lately - about how unpredictable it is being - hot one day, cold the next.  How we are very nearly into November and normally at this stage of the year the pool is being used each weekend (but not this year brrr), winter weight blankets and quilts have been folded and put away in the linen closet, electric blankets removed from beds (but not this year brrr), jackets and jumpers stashed on the top shelf of the wardrobes, shorts and short sleeved tees pulled from bottom drawers and placed in ones at the top (but not this year brrr).  It's a funny old climate - keeping us on our toes, making sure we don't take it for granted, giving us a not so gentle nudge of "change" awareness. 

It's also funny what you can dredge up from the dim dark recess's of your brain.  While thinking randomly about the weather this little poem popped into my mind.  Haven't thought about this one for a quarter of a century or more but here is it ready to jump right out and yell - "Hey you, remember me?" and my reply is "Yes little ditty I do ....."

Whether the weather be fine,

Or whether the weather be not,

Whether the weather be cold,

Or whether the weather be hot,

We'll whether the weather

Whatever the weather

Whether we like it or not.

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