29 March 2011

Being just a little bit nerdy ...

It's no secret that I like trying something new so when I stumbled across this little challenge site Nerdy Girls I thought I should give it a go.  The March challenge was to find inspiration from this cute little collage.  I could take from it whatever caught my attention - now this part was hard - should I do blue, use the quote, add in some hearts, do a layout about fashion, use fabric .... what exactly?

Can you guess what parts of the collage I used?

The blue and red colour scheme of the "Crunch" bar, silver as a secondary colour,  tiny stars, the use of multiple small pictures.

Goes to prove, inspiration can come from anywhere. 

1 comment:

Alysse said...

Very nice Christmasy page that isn't just red and green. Who would've thought that you could get Christmas from the collage? Great take on it! Glad you played along with us nerdy girls this month!