04 March 2011

It's here ...

It has arrived.  I've ummed and ahhed over it - pondered it and finally took the plunge and ordered it and after waiting many weeks it has now arrived.  What is it you ask?

Well the Becky Higgins Project Life kit. 

I'm not going to try to do a picture a day for 365 days like I did in 2009 (and it nearly did me in let me say) - in fact I've come to the conclusion that I'm just not a picture a day, or a picture a week even, type of girl.  Some months I take many pictures and other months hardly any - and I'm OK with that.

My kids are now at the stage where they rebel over the random picture taking (Rachel especially gets really exasperated when I produce a camera and 8 out of 10 times just doesn't co-operate).  I've tried doing candid shots and sneaky shots and "will you just stand there so I can take the damn picture" shots, to no avail.  So finally I've admitted defeat and will work with those special times we do take photos (family outings, special events) and let the rest go.  Rachel will be getting an SLR camera for her 18th birthday and is learning photography at TAFE - I figure she loves taking photos, is rather arty about it and I'll get them of her one way or another!

So what am I going to do with Project Life?  I've decided that there is so much product (it is designed to do a double page spread for every week of a year) that I can do last year, this year and probably next year as a month in review album.  With the remaining pages I intend to do a K to 12 school album for Rachel with highlights of each year of school.  I am going to purchase an additional set of pages to add to this so I can include some memorabilia - as is typical of school photographs, some years I have quite a few and other years hardly any but with this approach it should even itself out and at least it will all be together.

Now I just have to start sorting and printing ..... wish me luck.

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