23 March 2011

Feeling awesome ...

Cathy Zielske is talking all things awesome today on her blog.  She's done a little list and it got me thinking about some of the things I think are pretty awesome too.

My Awesome List (in no particular order)

1. Autumn.

2. The smell of baking bread.

3. Comfortable shoes you can walk in all day.

4. Reading.

5. A really good movie seen on the big screen at a theatre.

6. Going out to a restaurant for a meal.

7. Scrapbooking.

8. Listening to the rain on the roof.

9. The internet.

10. A full moon.

11. Sunrises and sunsets.

12. Listening to music on the car radio.

13. Hugging my children.

14. The air-conditioner on hot, humid days.

15. The joy of owning cats.

16. Beautifully cooked lamb.

17. A sleep-in on a cold winter morning.

18. Comfortable pyjama’s.

19. Laughing.

20. Modern technology.

21. The company of good friends.

22. Sight, touch, smell, hearing, taste.

23. Flowers.

24. Being able to take things for granted.

25. Digital cameras.

26. Having time for myself.

27. Massages and facials.

28. My morning cup of tea.

29. Good health.

30. The clean, vibrant smell after rain.

31. Bird song.

32. Babies (of any variety)

33. Hot showers.

34. Hot buttered toast with vegemite.

35. The feel of crisp, clean bed linen.

36. Slightly melted icecream.

37. How cool Christopher is.

38. The feeling you get when you accomplish something.

39. Milk.

40. Sunshine.

41. The view of Brisbane Waters as I drive to and from school.

42. Digital television on big screens.

43. Email

44. Gentle breezes.

45. Smiles.

46. My talented daughter.

47. Pillows.

48.  John's success.

49. Family holidays.

50. Living in Australia.

and so much more ...

This could almost be my "grateful list" too.


humel said...

I can echo so many of these - great list! :-)

Scrap-diva said...

Love your list

Miriam said...

Love this, so many are on my list too x

Kirsty.a said...

I totally agree - except i don't live in Oz