29 March 2011

Blogging - Prompt 7

It beckoned me from my study window. Rising from behind the solid green fence, arms stretched towards the sky.

I don’t know how long it stood there. It was here long before our inhabitation, long before the land was cleared and subdivided, long before that. It was witness to the endless procession of sun moving across the day sky and the thousand twinkling pinpoints of light in the night.

It housed bird life in abundance – white, black and multicoloured - daily perches and nighttime roosts. Possums scampered in its branches at night, lizards crisscrossed its broad truck or sat, silently mesmerised by the suns rays. Ants marched up its flank and over its limbs, searching endlessly for tid bits of food – busy, always so busy. It offered up shade on hot summer days, stood against the furry of violet storms.

And in a moment it was gone. My study window is bare and my heart bleeds. It is gone.

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