22 March 2011

Blogging - Prompt 1 ...

Shimelle is presenting Blogging for Scrapbookers workshop for the second time round.  I bought this class last year as a instant access, long after it had made its first appearance, so was thrilled to hear she was giving it a live run through.

I'm probably what you would call a casual blogger - I enjoy the process and find it a worthwhile tool for me - mainly as a record of my important family happenings and a method of recording valuable journaling for future scrapbooking layouts.  I also use my blog to showcase some of the scrapbooking I have been doing and to allow access to a number of challenge sites I follow that require the use of a linky tool.

What I am not good at is keeping up with a daily blog and talking about the dull and mundane.  I sometimes struggle for things to say that I think are relevant.  I hope Shimelle might give me a gentle shove onto the right path and shine some inspirational light in my direction.

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