26 March 2011

Never ordinary ...

In the sense of being "ordinary" - today certainly is - it's cool and drizzling with rain.  It's Saturday and at the moment one child is over at the local shopping mall, another is making 2 minutes noodles for lunch (and dh and I a cup of tea!) and both of us are on our respective computers working on our individual tasks - in his case work related and in mine, scrap related.

But really today is anything but ordinary.  Today our beautiful daughter turns 18.  The little bundle of pink joy we brought home from hospital all those years ago (and it seems like only yesterday) is now an official adult.

Today she can purchase alcohol and cigarettes should she so wish (which she won't, thank goodness), enter nightclubs, clubs and hotels or casinos (and gamble), legally sign contracts and other binding documents, make a will, enter into a lease.  When you turn 18, you can receive medical care, donate blood and get tattoos and piercings without parental consent or permission. You can also buy lottery tickets, change your name, buy adult video games or go to an X-rated movie,  move out of your parents' house and be responsible for yourself.  You can enlist in the military or marry without parental consent.  When you become 18 you have the right to register to vote and cast a ballot in all federal, state and local elections.

No today isn't an ordinary day - today we participate in a state election.  After 16 years in government the Labor NSW state government is about to be annihilated at the poles.  All credible information speaks of a devastating defeat for Labor and a huge majority for the incoming Liberal party.  After 16 years Labor is on the nose in this state and people want change.

And today my daughter gets to vote for the very first time on her actual birthday - I don't think many people get to do that and I think it's kind of special. 

Happy Birthday baby - we love you.

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Great post - not ordinary