26 March 2010

17 ...

My daughter, Rachel is 17 today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweetheart !

Oh to be 17 again - can you remember what it was like? I often think over points in my life I would like to go back and revisit and I recall my second last year of high school when I had just turned 17 and yearn to return.

17 was the time of firsts for me, an exhilarating period of being caught between a child and a woman. I had my first serious teen relationship and handled it badly, I was a debutante and got to play Cinderella for an evening, had the second lead in the school musical, learnt to drive, went to parties with friends, headed with car packed with people to the local drive-in without an adult in sight. It was my year of experiences - most wonderful, some not so. It was the time I began to realise that the good times of school and the security of both family and friends was coming to an end. It was the first year where I savored that small taste of freedom of being semi independent, of making life decisions for myself, of simply enjoying the moment for what it was and who I was in that moment. Life was good as are the memories.

Do you remember what it was like being 17?

Me at 17 playing "Katie" in our school musical "Calamity Jane"

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