15 March 2010

Recycled Creations ...

It's Amy today on the blog challenge from Get It Scrapped!

OK its Monday again...and what are we making over today you ask...anything and everything! Today's challenge is to blog about turning your Trash into Treasure, so to speak! Maybe you have ideas about using recycled products--Do you have a recent remodel project you'd like to show off?--or maybe you've been inspired by someone else projects and would simply love to share...PERFECT! Take to your blogs ladies and share your ideas (or someone else's) about making over your personal belongings and link us up in this thread!

I love the concept of using old vintage windows and doors to create these wonderful tables, shelves and display cabinets Robo Margo.

How about this really cool sculpture from Robert Bradford who uses discarded plastic toys in his creations.

Jangling Jack uses all manner of recycled materials to create this wonderful sculptures. This fantastic owl is made from an old saw and copper wire.

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Michele said...

Wow these are so fantastic!!!My brother has a dog made from an old carpet sweeper, and I have a corrug. iron/tin chook!! Love the idea of the window- table...