07 March 2010

More time please ...

Michelle has asked us how we have welcomed in March.

Well Michelle, I swear time is passing quicker this month than last and brother did last month just flash on past. It will soon be Easter which brings school holidays and then I'll be packing for my few days of scrappy heaven in beautiful New Zealand and I think by then I will need the break.

Rachel starts her mid year examination at school today and yes "mid year" is a bit of a misnomer but remember she is sitting her Higher School Certificate this year so it is a short one - all over by mid October and then she jets off to Fiji for 10 days on a MAD (Make A Difference) trip with a group of 20 kids from her year at school. This a holiday with a difference as instead of partying hard at popular beach locations with thousands of other teenage rabble which is the traditional way of celebrating the end of school life she will working with village children and physically benefiting the community where they are staying (last year they repaired and repainted a hall and village church). They do get to spend a few days at a tourist resort on the way home so it is not all work. Anyway she has been a tad stressed his week as she tries to study - a bit touchy and out of sorts. This is only preliminary stuff but she takes it all very seriously.

Christopher has been busy with swimming and represented his school at the zone carnival last Thursday. He didn't place but did PB's in both his races - knocking several seconds of his school carnival times. John took the day off to take him so it was a great bonding experience for both of them.

I've been busy trying to get a lot of stuff sorted around the house as well as my normal school run morning and afternoon and all the other after school activities both kids participate in plus do "normal" household things - I just never seem to get as much done as I want. I do one thing and then turn around and see another dozen things waiting for me too, and then I turn back only to discover what I had already done now needs to be redone - just so much to do - I mean SO MUCH to do, and so little time. I just need more time!


Belinda said...

Hello-wanted to ask you about the Mad thing-the Fiji trip? Sounds like a great alternative for schoolies-can u tell me where I can find out more?Ta.Also you are SO not alone re the TIME thing-I always feel like that and I have twins!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Belinda,

The MAD trip is organised through our school (we attend a private christian based one) and several of the teachers give up their own time to oragnaise these trip and to supervise those attending - this year there are 4 teachers going and 20 students ranging in age from 17 to 19. I lot of like minded schools are doing similar things - I know several in my area are doing similar "mission" style events. I think a lot of people (both the kids themselves as well as the parents) are looking for safe, beneficial alternatives to the so called traditional right of passage chaos of the Gold Coast.