12 March 2010

Smells, glorious smells ...

My turn again for a blogging prompt. Today we are going to think about family in the past.

Do you remember the smell of baking cakes in your Mother's kitchen? Does the aroma of roasting lamb take you back to your childhood days of family baked lunch on a Sunday? There are other smells that I recall, every so often I will walk past somewhere and suddenly get a wiff of some perfume or odour and suddenly I will be transported back to another time and another place and recall a situation or a person vividly - like they are right there in the room with me or I am reliving the event over again.

So is there a smell, a fragrance or perfume that brings back vivid memories for you? Is there an odour that triggers a memory for you when you come across it? Not all odours are pleasant ones; perhaps a particular odour brings back a memory of an unhappy incident. Whichever the case, your chalenge today is to blog about smells.

This is a layout I did about my Grandmother. She was a wonderful lady and I loved her dearly. To this day when I smell violets or perfume with a heavy violet base I immediately think of her - it is almost like she speaks to me across time.

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