08 March 2010

Not a makeover ....

Amy says Ok this week I'm challenging you to makeover some part of your scrap space and share! Now HOLD ON...this is not an invitation to go out and redecorate you homes and then direct you angry husbands my way (this means you Tami....lol). Instead take on a small project that aims to add a little bit of flair to your space. Perhaps you could add some fun digital labels to your jars of brads and buttons. Or many of you already have huge organization projects under way with your photos as part of Tami's Get Scrapped Challenge...show us what your up to!

Believe me Amy you DO NOT want to see a before shot of my scrap room at the present moment - the word "disaster" springs to mind - and I'm not going to get to an after any time soon !

So instead I'll share some gorgeous downloadable and printable labels from one of my favourite blogs. These are delightful and oh so useful. Enjoy.


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