05 March 2010

Looking back ....

And today it is my turn to inspire. I thought that for the next few weeks I might get you to look to your past, to family and friends and what experiences and joys they have given you over the years.

Today I'd like you to tell us about your oldest friend (not the oldest in years but the friend you have had the longest !!). Do you still have friends from school that you keep in touch with regularly? neighbourhood children you played with in your street? - have you lost touch with all your childhood friends over the years or are they still a part of your life?

My oldest friend is Ronelle. We became close in the last year of primary school and were the best of friends throughout high school and beyond. She was there for me through thick and thin and we shared so very many happy times as teenagers. I spent many weekends at her home. We were debutant's together, celebrated our 18th birthday's, I was bridesmaid at her wedding. She lives in another state from me now and we haven't seen each other in person for a number of years but we talk and email and I know she's still there for me as I am for her.

I guess we have changed a lot over the years - life happens and priorities shift. Ronelle has just become a Grandmother for the first time - I'm still coming to terms with that. To me she will always be the sweet, long haired girl of my youth.

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