23 March 2010

School day blues ...

Sharyn wants to know about my weekly schedule - you brave girl you - are you sure you really, really want to know? Weekly will be like "War and Peace" so think I'll just share my weekly morning routine.

Every weekday the alarm in my bedroom goes off at 5.20am. My husband wakes and staggers to the bathroom. Unfortunately I wake up at the same time (who can sleep through 10 decibels of blasting radio at 5.20am? Oh I forgot, that would be the husband as it is usually me whacking him in the ribs that wakes him rather than the loud alarm). I then usually lie there in the dark listening to all the normal bathroom sounds coming from our en-suite across the room - oh joy of joys.

At 6am he leaves and then I get up. I check emails and a few online sites while having a cup of tea and bowl of cereal, I make my bed, unstack and restack the dishwasher, put in a load of wash and from about 7.15 start yelling at my teen dd to hurry up, get off the computer, have a shower, get ready, pick up the wet towels off the bathroom floor, put away all the makeup and pimple cream left out all over the bathroom. This continues in amongst me showering, ironing school shirts, making sure the ds is getting ready too, packing lunches and checking homework. At 8am when ds and I head out to the car I change tack to start asking if said teen is ready yet. This questioning increases in both frequency and volume until about 8.12am when I start to threaten to leave without said teen. At 8.15am dd arrives at car with school shoes in hand, pair of socks held by the teeth and hair still wet and unbrushed.

We leave for school, teen with scowl on face and plugs shoved in ears, Ipod blaring. It's a 30 minute drive and as we pull around the final corner dd madly scrambles for socks, shoes and hairbrush. We most always arrive just as the bell rings.

All this will change next year as dd finishes school and heads off into the big wide world. Not sure if my morning routine will get better or worse with a college teen at home but secretly I'm a bit sad - after 13 years of schooling and morning school day routines my baby won't be a part of it.

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