19 March 2010

Family togetherness ...

Time for Family and Friends Friday blogging challenge over on Get It Scrapped!.

One of the things that stands out for many scrapbookers is the lack of pictures of themselves in their collections. Invariably we are always behind the camera, busy capturing those everyday moments of our children, family and life around us which we, of course, are a major part of but rarely seem to be seen in.

Sometimes ever rarer is a group photo of the entire family as usually someone has to take the pictures so the odd occasions you hand it over to someone else they still remain out of the frame, so to speak. Of course "family" does not have to mean husband, wife and kids - indeed in this day and age it more and more frequently doesn't - so whatever "family" means to you - parents, siblings, friends - when was the last time ALL of you were in a picture together? Please post it, we'd love to see some togetherness. And if you don't have any such pictures my challenge to you is to try hard to get some over the next weekend - grab a neighbour and have them take a photo of all of you, visit the Grandparents, set up the camera on auto or just nab someone in the local park but record some "togetherness" pictures for your album.

Rachel off to France - Easter 2009

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