09 March 2010

On this day ...

Sharyn would like us to experience flashbacks ... she's obviously a "Lost" fan; plenty of flashbacks there !! No, not really ... the idea is to look at this day (or week) in years past. Hmmm - sorting out the piccies right now.

2009 - This time last year we had three month old kittens and they were getting into everything - and I do mean everything. Here is one of them (the boy of course) having some fun with paper that was supposed to be in the bin.

2008 - The kids and I went on a bush walk in the National Park behind our house.

2007 - John and Christopher - with bear in tow. Christopher was 8 and liked a cuddle and a climb on your lap; he's 11 now and although he still likes a cuddle he doesn't fit on the lap as well as he once did and the knees feel the strain !

2006 - The Batman days - lots of fighting crime and ZIP BOP and POW.

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