21 August 2009

10 things ....

So now it is my turn for Finding Fun Friday and I thought we should all get to know each other just a little better. So I'd like you to each to list 10 random things about yourself on your blogs - can be good, bad or downright ugly, but list things we may not already know; things that you probably haven't divulged openly (No we don't want any family scandals or closet secrets) just some fun things so we can get to know the real you.

Here's mine:-

1. I cuddle a pillow when I sleep - have done since I was a child. Not sure what a psychologist would make of this.

2. My husband tells me I snore (lots) I tend to believe him considering each morning he wakes with a pillow over his head to drown out the noise. :)

3. I rank honesty above any other virtue - my kids have learnt not to lie, cheat or steal around me or the consequences will be grim.

4. If I never had to iron another business shirt in my entire life I would be the happiest woman alive.

5. I love the sound of rain on a roof and the fresh smell in the air after a shower.

6. I love long hot showers (but rarely have them) - there is no greater luxury in life.

7. I hate wearing makeup and avoid it whenever possible. I reckon this is who I am - get used to it.

8. Same goes for high heels, I dress for comfort and aching feet just isn't on my list.

9. I'm known to sing along to music on the car radio - my kids hate me doing this and repeatedly ask me to stop - I usually smile and sing louder.

10. I have no maths sense at all - hate anything to do with numbers, equations and formulas. Have no idea why I learnt calculus, logarithms and algebra in school - might as well have been Martian for all the good it did me.

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askings said...

I feel exactly the same way about math!