08 August 2009

My challenged memory ...

It's "Finding Fun Friday" for Day 7 over at Get It Scrapped! and guess what?... it's my turn to spread some cheer in the blogging challenge.

Whether a happy memory, amusing story or fondly remembered object, your challenge today is to tell us about that “something” in your childhood that makes you smile every time you think about it. Bonus points if you have a photo to go along with your story.

Ruff was my childhood friend and faithful companion. He would go everywhere with me, he sat by my side when I was busying playing, he joined in my adventures in the garden on cold winter days and he slept peacefully tucked under my arm at night.

When I was very tiny I cuddled him close and as I grew I carried him wherever I went by one ear; either dangling from my mouth in my crawling days or gripped by the hand when I became upright and mobile.

Ruff is still with me – looking very grubby around the edges and tattered from his many years of loving – he is now minus one ear that was “loved” just a little too much but he’s here, making me smile when I think of him and all the special times we shared when I needed him most.

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scrapweaver said...

Love it Jane. I too have a bear that has been overly loved over time.