20 August 2009

Here and there ...

Am I ready for a fun Wednesday Blog challenge? Sharyn asks. Sure I say, bring it on.

This one is all about where I go. No not literally; in my little cyberworld - where my daily computer journey takes me.

The first stop when I turn the computer on in the morning is to see what emails have winged my way overnight. There's always some; I read them and zap off replies as necessary.

Then of course I have to check out what is new, add some comments, see what challenge is in store for me over on my home away from home on Get It Scrapped!

In fact most of the places I visit are over on the side bar - check them out. I also like to look through what is on offer at Etsy. The treasures there are amazing.

My kids also have favourite places. dd is a My Space sort of girl. It's the modern way of killing hours on the phone I guess. ds is into Club Penguin - one of his most favourite places to visit. He meets up with his friends there for some innocent fun (and those penguins are kinda cute you have to admit !). Now dh is more of a current affairs sort of guy, so every morning once he gets to the office and has coffee in hand he's online to The Sydney Morning Herald for some up to date news.

And to think in the good old days we went out to chat with friends, played Monopoly, talked on the phone and read paper newspapers - oh the horror !!

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