04 August 2009

The never ending story ...

Day 3 in my Get It Scrapped! blog challenge and this time it's all about lists - grocery lists to be exact. I shop once a fortnight and top up the other week and since listing my $400 worth of grocery items would send you all to sleep faster than a strong tranquilizer I thought I'd tell you about what is always - come rain, hail or shine - on my list.

Milk - I have long thought my son has a Cleopatra fetish; that he secretly syphons off the milk to bathe in it at night; maybe he uses it to water the pot plants, perhaps he feeds the neighbourhood cats; whatever the reason we go through litres and litres of milk each week. I buy the BIG 3 litre containers and it seems no sooner do they enter the house with my other shopping then they leave out the front door with the recycling. I have lost count of the times I have opened up the fridge door in anticipation of milk for my coffee to find but a dribble in the bottom of the container - I've also lost count of the number of times my poor husband has been rung while on public transport with pleas of "get some milk" on the way home. He's even been sent to the local service station in the dead of night to stock up so there would be milk for breakfast the next day.

Milo Flakes cereal - Every morning, every day of the week; this is my son's breakfast (which probably tells me where the actual milk goes !). He rarely varies and if he does it is usually because he has run out of these and in desperation has been forced to eat something else (oh the horror !!). This is accompanied with much whinging, whining and begging for me to buy a replacement box immediately if not sooner.

Grain Waves - If my son has an issue with milk then my daughter has an issue with these little tit bits. They disappear faster in my house than an ice cube in the microwave. Here one second - gone the next. If my husband and I want to get any at all I secretly have to buy our own packet and hide (yes hide) them in the locked liqueur cabinet to be stealthily brought out at midnight !!

After School snacks - Whatever you do - DO NOT stand anywhere near the pantry door when the kids get home from school. You will be literally mowed down where you stand as the 10 year old and the 16 year fall over each other in their haste to demolish whatever edible food products they can find inside.

Ah feeding the children - what joy !!!!!


Amie said...

It is fun to hear about the things you keep on hand all of the time! Your story about the milk is so funny! What are Grain Waves? Cereal?

Celia said...

Loved reading all this Jane what came to mind was a family I visited years ago as part of my classroom home visits.
The family were not exactly rich (read pretty borderline when it came to $$ and other things). I was sitting in their kitchen and the mother asked "if youse'd like a cuppa coffee" I replied that I would and she then called her husband to move the fridge! I said I didn't want them going to any trouble but she said it was okay the fridge was one wheels. The husband then dragged the fridge out of its space so they could access the cupboard behind the fridge (it was sort of under the stairs that led to the next floor). The mum said they kept all the stuff they didn't want the kids to get at in there.
So perhaps a cupboard behind your fridge would give you earlier snacking opportunities!

mollie said...

Love your comments about all of the milk that you have to buy! With four children {3 of them boys} I will never forget the amounts of milk we went through ... never ending supplies needed!

Love too the last paragraph about "do not stand anywhere near the pantry door with the kids get home from school"! LOL

askings said...

Milk and Cereal...can't live without it...always a basic staple on my list as well! $400... please tell me thats AU, not that I have any idea how it converts!

Linda said...

Jane, I loved your story....it sure told me how much you love and care for your children. Buying all that milk and grain waves is a big job.
Just loved your humorous approach to the subject.