21 August 2009

Out of the mouths ....

It's Thought Provoking Thursday; well it is for those in the US following along with this blog challenge; it's Friday here and Doris has asked us if we have any amusing anecdotes or words of wisdom to share about the ways of children.

Kids !!! W C Fields wisely advised against working with them and good old Bill Cosby had a very successful and extremely funny television show based on the things they say. Out of the mouths of babes comes .... well just about anything, at any time, really. Kids do say the darnedest things, they say them when you least expect it, when the mood takes them, they say them loudly and quickly and there are many, many times you wished they hadn't said anything at all.

Like the time in the crowded supermarket when my daughter was about 4; she was a real chatterbox back then, now she's a 16 year old teenager and I tend to get one word answers like "Whatever", the odd grunt or if I'm really lucky "I don't know"; but I digress. Way back when she was a real cutie and talked incessantly; like I didn't get a minutes peace. So here we were cruising down the dried fruit and cake mix aisle and I'm preoccupied getting stuff off the shelf and she spots something. She wants to tell me about it so she starts tugging on the back of my top and stupid me ignores her; the tugging gets more persistent until she can contain herself no longer and at the top of her voice she says "Mum !! That man has NO HAIR." Pause for effect. "See ..... he has NO HAIR on his HEAD".

Yeh Gods !!


mollie said...

Why does the grocery store always bring out their "darndest things"?

I had my grandson in the shopping cart when an old, old man walked by ... my little one said, "Oooooo he scary man". I felt bad ... and hoped that the old man was hard of hearing.

scrapweaver said...

How about the locker room?! Mine have pointed out the sizes of women's bottoms!!!! YIKES! Love this Jane!