01 August 2009

A new leaf ....

I've been slack and I need not to be so I've decided that I will start over with this blog "thing" and try to do an entry each day for August.

It's the last day of winter and it is beautiful here. The sun is shining and the birds are chirping and I can hear the rattle of coffee cups and the bubble of the kettle so I know John is up and busy in the kitchen and a lovely hot cuppa will be coming my way very shortly. He had a late night last night so I'm surprised he's surfaced already. He's decided that after some 30 odd years that he will try his hand at track cycling again and has entered into the Masters Games being held in Sydney in October. He's been busy training hard and putting his old faithful track bike back together and last night he headed down to Bankstown Velodrome for a track session. He's never ridden on a wood surface before - it must have been a thrill and I admit I let him go with mixed feelings; wanting to encourage and support him but the realist in me wondering if after all these years he truly could be competitive and that perhaps he should have started his run a lot early than this. Guess time will tell.

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