18 August 2009

At'ems and Is'ems ....

I wake this morning and open one bleary eye. It's uncharacteristically bright for 5.20am. Glance at clock and groan. Whack snoring husband behind me who wakes and responds with grunt.

"You forgot to set the alarm clock again didn't you" I mumble.

"No, I set it,' is the taunt reply.

"Well if you set it," I say, "why is it 6.30?"

"Oh sh*t", exclaims husband flinging back the covers and dashing for the bathroom. He normally leaves at 6.00am .....


Michelle has asked us to list our family isms as part of the Get It Scrapped! blog challenge. After thinking hard I realise we don't have "family" isms that I can name right off the top of my head but I can think of a few of the individual variety.

dh - "I'm just resting my eyes" (standard response when woken after dropping off on the lounge and snoring loudly while "watching" TV)

dd - "I don't know" (what she always says when asked any sort of question that involves an opinion for an answer)

ds - "Just one more thing" (he says as he tries to fit 15 minutes of talking into a 5 minute window)

Me - well, I just yell and say "No" a lot !!


..... and guess what? It's 5.20pm and I can hear the not so sweet vibrations of the clock belting out its little bell heart down in my bedroom. The old man did set the alarm after all !!!


scrapweaver said...

These are perfect Jane! I love the resting my eyes one! I think I have heard that once or twice myself.

mollie said...

Ditto the "resting my eyes" comment. It must be a universal DH thing!

I love your talking son and the non-verbal daughter.