05 August 2009

Not complicated at all ...

Day 4 of the August blog challenge and Tami has gone all teckno tekno "arty" on us and says we can learn to use Hdml er Heml um Html. Tells us it's not complicated at all, heck a piece of cake; anyone can do it. Of course the challenge is a double parter so we also have to blog about something crappy er I mean scrappy; so here goes.

Did you know that:-

…according to the Craft & Hobby Association, close to 1/3 of all households in the United States include at least one scrapbooker; that makes scrapbooking a more popular hobby than golf (with ¼ of all households having at least one golfer)

…printed scrapbook paper was produced in Holland and Germany as early as the 1700s

…the first book of scrapbooking ideas called The Scrapbook was published in 1825

…Queen Victoria and Thomas Jefferson each had scrapbooks

…today, thanks to the Internet, scrapbooking supplies, information, and advice is available almost instantly anywhere in the world

...and that a Google search for the word scrapbook returned over 30 million results


Tami said...


i love you.. seriously I do

Celia said...

Jane I have left or at least tried to leave some amazing comments over the past days.
So let's hope it is all sorted so you can enjoy my witticisms and contact with you

mollie said...

Jane! This is a terrific list of data about scrapbooking. I love that we are beating golf. :)

You have great ideas!

Linda said...

Such a cool collection of data about scrapbooking. Who would have known this wonderful hobby was even better than golf.......Great job on the techie stuff too.