15 August 2009

Finding Fun in unexpected places ...

Yippee; it's my turn for Finding Fun Friday over on Get It Scrapped! and I thought I'd lighten up the day with a break from lots of deep thinking and long writing.

I asked everyone to find a funny picture from amongst their collections of photographs and then to post it on their blogs with a caption that is a well known line from a movie - not forgetting to also tell us which movie and who delivered the line. Simple eh?

Here's mine:-

"Here's looking at you kid" - Humphrey Bogart ~ Casablanca


mollie said...

I'm smiling at this guy!

Wish that I had time to post today ... I'm so far behind! I've been out of town for six of the past eight days and haven't had time to stay with my blog and I miss doing so. Maybe next week I'll catch up. In the meantime, I'll just read yours. :)

Tami said...


Celia said...

Great challenge- I found it a challenge!