16 August 2009

Three ways ...

Snapshot Saturday and Katrina writes - Today find a subject, any subject at all. Put it in great light if you can. Capture it three ways. Three different views, three different feelings, three different angles. What does each say to you? Which appeals to you most? Which tells the story you want to tell most effectively?

OK, so I did this a little differently mainly because I had been wanting to play around with a few photo effects and this seemed a good opportunity to do so. So the first three are variations on a geranium from my garden; no earth shattering insights, they don't say anything to me - just some fun.

Then the actual challenge; three photos of the same thing from different angles. The first one is of a little inconsequential flower (a weed actually) in my weed infested lawn. It's tiny in the scheme of things and it means very little, you barely notice it and easily step on it.

But wait - when you get close it is kinder pretty isn't it. It's very yellow and bright and cheery; like a mini sun.

and if I were a grain of sand or an teeny tiny ant then this little bitty flower would be a giant. It would tower over me in all it's grandeur and it wouldn't be inconsequential at all - no not at all !

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Katrina said...

Brilliant use of the three angles! Love the last one!